SAGADA 2019.3



Disclaimer: photo-heavy post ❤

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Day 2. 28 September 2019 (Saturday).

We left Shagay Inn past 4 AM to catch the sunrise at Marlboro Hills, and boy it was definitely one of the best sunrise I’ve ever seen. I remember myself humming the Game of Thrones opening song because of the freezing and foggy weather. I’m not sure if the soil is a clay-silt or clay-loam mixture, but it was definitely thick so the mud sticks to and is hard to remove from the shoes.


The weather was a bit gloomy that time so we thought there won’t be any clearing from the summit. But God is good all the time and He allowed us to witness His marvelous creation and the majestic view of the sunrise. The term “majestic” is still not enough to describe how breathtakingly beautiful the view was. There were lots of people when we went, so I decided to just make use of their silhouette to add a bit of drama to my pictures.




After Marlboro Hills, we went to Blue Soil Hills which gives a snow-in-the-Philippines kinda vibes, making me hum the GoT theme song even loudeeeerrr. The Marlboro x Blue Soil Hills trek was truly an out of this world adventure. Just imagine, after the majestic sea of clouds that we witnessed at Marlboro Hills, we got to see this powder blue soil hills. If I remember correctly, the area is deficient in iron hence giving the soil its blue color. Please correct me if I’m wrong! Hihi~




We had a few minute break at a sari-sari store during our descent. It was a well-deserved rest as we were on our feet for hours and the chakra on my legs is running out! Lol! I didn’t really want to eat, but I tried their dragonfruit ice candy which was definitely an energy-booster.

We finished our descent around 9 AM, went back to our accommodation to freshen up while we thought of where to go next. We considered going to Bomod-ok Falls, but Kuya Carlos did not recommend going there after our Marlboro Hills-Blue Soil-trek since we were already tired and usually, these two activities are done on separate days. We are also leaving in a few hours for Baguio, so we might not enjoy the activity since we are short in time. I definitely won’t miss Bomod-ok Falls on my next Sagada trip!!!


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