SAGADA 2019.4

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After an hour-long rest, we decided to have our lunch at Sagada Lemon Pie House. We saw this restaurant on our way back from Sumaguing Cave the night before. We haven’t really roamed around the area so we decided to just walk from our accommodation to the Lemon House.

Reposting the picture of Sushi and I (to bid goodbye huhu)

The town was quiet and relaxing, and I’ve never felt so much peace in a neighborhood. You can feel the warm and soothing embrace of the mountains. Walang halong kiyeme, ganun talaga na-feel ko that time. Haha!

Anywayssss, it took about a 5-10 minute walk from Shagay to the restaurant. We initially thought it was ‘Closed’ because there’s no one inside. The place is cozy and gives off this homey vibe. You can definitely chill and relax while waiting for your order.



Contrary to what I said (haha!), my friend and I went to Sagada Brew instead, just beside the Lemon House, to order coffee while waiting. We wanted to take our coffee out, but the barista/owner suggested we drink them inside to appreciate the taste, aroma and the (cutesy) cup even more. We happily obliged and roamed inside the coffee shop.



It took about 10-15 minutes to finish our coffee and we went back to Lemon House to check on the lovebirds have our lunch.

Before setting off for Baguio, we briefly visited the Bokong Falls.

(c) Chelsea Dolores

It was about a 10-minute descent (/trek?? haha! Basta pababa sya!!) from the main road to Bokong Falls. The view of the rice field, mountains, tall grasses, and wild flowers is enough to keep you distracted and refrain you from asking “are we there yet?”.

There were people taking a dip on the seemingly cool and refreshing waterfalls. We didn’t get the chance to experience it ourselves but judging from the look on their faces, I could feel that it’s very very relaxing.


This short visit to Bokong Falls wraps up our Sagada adventure. I don’t remember much of the details of this trip (kasi nga nag-procrastinate ng matagal) but I definitely remember myself saying: bitin!! I promise myself that I’d stay longer on my next visit. There’s a lot more to visit, discover, and experience at this paradise in the north.

We took a short breather at a sari-sari store along the trail. Once recharged, we were finally ready for our trip to Baguio!!





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