SAGADA 2019.2

Disclaimer: there was a loooong break before this blog post was written so my memories might have failed me huhu. Anyways, rest assured that I’ll try my best to remember the details of our Sagada trip! 

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It was already a bit late when we started the most exciting part of our Sagada escapade: the Sumaguing Cave. Honestly, I was excited but also a bit nervous when we were about to enter the cave since I know that I wasn’t prepared (physically and mentally). Haha! I’m also just wearing my flip flops but Kuya Carlos assured us that flip flops would work perfectly fine. After a short briefing and gentle reminders, we were finally ready to take on our spelunking adventure.

“While in Sagada: take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

My heartbeat was normal during the first part of the trail but the deeper we go underground, the faster my heart raced lol. I’ve been on a similar situation before in Siargao, but this cave is waaaaaay darker, steeper, slippery, and dangerous which adds more to the challenge. The only source of light inside the cave comes from the gas lamps carried by the local guides. If there’s one thing I regret, I wasn’t able to take much pictures since I had to focus on the (dangerous) trail and I can’t just stop along the way since we are traveling as a group (taking your camera in and out the bag requires a bit of effort too! Huhu). If I were on Naruto, I bet I would feel all my chakra focused on my feet HAHAHA!



Writing about Sumaguing Cave and some snap shots won’t give any justice to the overall experience at this marvelous and mystical abyss that is considered to be the most dangerous cave in the Philippines.


Since we were all tired (and hungry) and it’s already a bit late, we decided not to proceed to Lumiang Cave. We got out of the cave around 7 or 8 PM then went straight to The Yoghurt House for dinner.

 We were still drenched from Sumaguing Cave but we took the courage to walk from The Yoghurt House to our accommodation which took like forever in the freezing climate of Sagada. Brr!!!


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