SIARGAO 2018.1

DRAWING NO MORE! Towties (my highschool friends) has finally broken its record of ditching planned adventures by invading the majestic paradise of Siargao. (Shout out to Tweets for booking our tickets right away, making this trip possible!!)

Day 1. 29 July 2018 (Sunday).

The long wait is finally over. My day started at 6:30 AM, 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled meet-up at Tweets’ abode. Infairness naman, we reached the airport in less than an hour! We finally get to meet Jan, then had some pizza at Papa John’s (corny huhu).

We departed at 10:15 AM and reached Sayak Airport around 12. It took a 45-minute drive from the airport to our accommodation at Hanigad Homestay in General Luna. We stayed briefly to drop our luggage off and freshen up before heading to the first location in our itinerary, Magpupungko Rock Pools.

It took us another 45 minutes (to 1 hour (?) sorry tulala lang the whole trip) to reach Magpupungko. Before going inside the beach, we had to pay an entrance fee of Php 50/pax. We had our late lunch then immediately wandered in the amazing rock formations and tidal pools afterwards.




We were all energy-drained from all the rock-climbing, swimming, and “long” drive, so we rested for a while and then took a quick shower before having dinner at the beach front of our accommodation.

I met Shadow, my first canine friend in Siargao, for the first time. ❤

Day 2. 30 July 2018 (Monday).

–Jan’s birthday!!!–


Our second day began early, 7 AM “sharp” daw huhu. Our destination for Day 2 is one of the famous tourist spots in Siargao, the Sugba Lagoon. We booked the same van driver that took us to Magpupungko the day before. He dropped us off at the port in Del Carmen where we took a motor boat going to the lagoon.

The way to Sugba Lagoon already offers a majestic surprise: a refreshing view of the mangrove forest and some random islets and rock formations. ❤



We arrived around 10 AM. I was a bit worried at first as there were already a lot of tourists in the place but the anxiety was immediately swept away when we went into the water.





Saving the best for last, we finally tried the diving board. See short clips here and here. 🙂

We left Sugba Lagoon around 1 PM. En route back to our accommodation, we decided to take our lunch at Ocean 101 Beach Resort, which is only a few blocks away from Hanigad.


I liked the ambience, the food, and not only the friendly staff, but also the chill and friendly doggos. I made another canine friend, Ponggo, who immediately asked for a belly rub only a few minutes after we’ve met~


After the sumptuous meal, we went back to Hanigad to take a short break in preparation to one of the highlights of our Siargao trip: surfing.

It’s been three years since my first attempt in surfing, and it was not a very happy memory for me. But then, I have decided that this is the time to learn!! Special thanks to my surfing instructor, Daniel, who stored a lot of patience and enthusiasm in teaching me. Haha!

Never say never!!!!!!!!!!!


It was already dark, so we decided to end our surfing lesson.

We ended our day with a meal at one of the crowd-favorites: Mama’s Grill. To my surprise, I saw a college friend who have decided to settle on the island. ❤

Random thoughts before going to sleep: I was pretty much surprised on my determination to overcome my fear of the ocean. I don’t know how to swim, so I was really surprised that I was able to jump at the Sugba Lagoon. In addition, I also have trust issues soooo it also surprised me that I was able to fully trust kuya who waited for me as I dived into the deep water. Wheeeew~

Most importantly, I was thankful to God for keeping us safe during our buwis-buhay adventures and for giving us the opportunity to discover more of His amazing creations. It made me look forward to seeing more of the wonderful treasures of Siargao on our next adventure the following day. ❤


Read part 2 here. Thanks!

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