SIARGAO 2018.1

DRAWING NO MORE! Towties (my highschool friends) has finally broken its record of ditching planned adventures by invading the majestic paradise of Siargao. (Shout out to Tweets for booking our tickets right away, making this trip possible!!) Day 1. 29 July 2018 (Sunday). The long wait is finally over. My day started at 6:30 AM, 30 minutes…

BALER 2015.2

Getting up on our second day was probably the biggest struggle we’ve faced on our Aurora escapade. We were planning to visit the Mother Falls, but all of our energy seems to have run out from yesterday’s extreme adventures. Instead of going out, we just ‘wasted’ our time by having a movie marathon: Jesabelle and Big Hero 6. O diba ang productive. Haha.

When we finally had the strength to go out, we went to Ampere Beach in Dipaculao.

BALER 2015.1

This Aurora escapade has forever stayed as a ‘plan’. We finished our thesis, graduated, and walked our own paths without having this trip accomplished. Finally, the plan became a reality.