BALER 2018

Disclaimer: I’ve been to Baler before, while my friend wanted to see more of the paradise’s beaches and geographic formations, so we skipped some tourist attractions that you might expect to see on this post. To read about my first Baler adventure, click here.  Thanks! ❤ — April 27, 2018 marks the day that I kept…

REVIEW: Oh My Venus

My heart can’t contain continuous heavy dramas after watching The Princess’ Man so I decided to watch something lighter. While browsing my favorite k-drama hosting website, I saw something intriguing. After reading the synopsis, I knew right there and then that I would be hooked with this drama.

REVIEW: The Princess’ Man

After watching Arang and the Magistrate, I decided to watch other similar sageuks that I didn’t get the chance to watch. The Princess’ Man was definitely listed next. It’s been a week since I finished watching this drama and I had to say that every scene still lingers over my head.

REVIEW: Arang and the Magistrate

I was enjoying my two-month hiatus from work when Arang and the Magistrate first aired on GMA-7. I am not the type to watch dubbed K-dramas on local television since I prefer to watch dramas online. When I first saw the teaser for AATM, I know that I would totally be hooked with this drama. Before I knew it, AATM has become my 5:30 habit (note: AATM’s airtime on GMA-7).


Reading books, for some people, ­­­is the most effective way to have a good night’s sleep. But for me, KDramas have become my sleeping pill. Since I have no new dramas on queue, I decided to rewind some of the dramas I’ve seen before, and I’ decided to take Faith.

REVIEW: Emergency Couple

Many people spend their holidays by traveling to different places but here I am stuck in my own realm ending my two-week KDrama marathon. While browsing my EHD, I finally get to see my copy of Emergency Couple. I was intrigued by the very first scene and I knew right away that I would love this drama. Aside from the groom and bride escaping from what seems like “bodyguards”, what caught my attention is the bride who’s none other than my favorite Running Girl… Mong Ji! Hihi~

REVIEW:Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Wait… what? Scandal? Don’t get the wrong idea please. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is not porn or anything lewd. It’s one of the famous Korean dramas in 2010, and after four years, I have finally finished watching it. I started watching it two years ago, but my copy only has the first 16 episodes. When Nadja and…

REVIEW: My Love From Another Star

Lately, I’ve been having trouble keeping myself from insanity and I can only suspect one culprit: DO-MIN-JOON. Ayiiiiii~ I first heard about this drama from my thesismate in college who is also a drama-buff like me. She gave me three dramas to watch, one of which is My Love From Another Star.   Let me…