eLBi Diaries: Haraya

Sooo I was stuck in my room for about two days trying to review and compress all the information in my head for the upcoming civil service exam. To take a short breather and to celebrate my uncle’s birthday, we decided to have our family dinner at Haraya.   The place. Haraya’s interior can be soothing…

Tini x Cafe Rizal

The best way to reward ourselves for surviving the energy-draining travel is, of course, the yummy cuisine from Pinto Art Museum‘s very own Cafe Rizal. Cafe Rizal’s interior equally matches its cozy facade… Being a total foodie, Kars and I decided to order the cafe’s best-sellers. For the pizza, kuya recommended the Vigan Pizza while the Mediterranean Pasta for their best-selling…

toodles x Sambokojin

After months of planning, Doodles and I were finally able to push through with our Sambokojin adventure. We originally scheduled our visit last November 30, a holiday, but we had to move our toodle date to December 6 due to some circumstances. Since the malls in the Metro opens at 11 AM, we decided to leave eLBi…

eLBi Diaries: Cornelia’s Bar & Restaurant

Hell month‘s officially over and one of the best ways to celebrate is good food + great music. Last night, my food trip buddies and I went to Cornelia’s Bar & Restaurant. Ate Mitzi has been longing for some good music while dining for a long time, so we finally decided to see what this place…

eLBi Diaries: Faustina’s

I consider November as my official hell month. With lots of deadlines and bulk of customer requests in the lab, I would normally prefer to just stay at home and relax after work. What’s good about 11-11 is that aside from the 2016 AFSTRI Cultural Night at IRRI, my officemates and I were able to…

eLBi Diaries: Seoul Kitchen

It’s been one month since my officemates and I decided to go on food trips every once in a while. And by “every once in a while,” it means every pay day (or ako lang ba ang nag-iisip nito??! Chars.) Oh well. It’s our second session and we have decided to eat at one of Elbi’s most popular food trip getaways: Seoul Kitchen.

eLBi Diaries: Bonitos Bar & Restaurant

When you hear the word “Los Banos,” you have to admit that the first thing that pops into mind is either buko pie or hot springs. Uy, aminin~ Being the home of the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB), eLBi offers an exciting food trip adventure to cater the needs of the growing student populace in the…


We had our lunch at the Loboc River Cruise Floating Restaurant. Mang Kulas arranged our reservation beforehand so we didn’t had any trouble with the line. The buffet/river cruise costs Php 480.


After almost a year of anticipation, our Bohol-Siquijor trip has finally arrived. We’ve been waiting for this moment since early last year when AirAsia had its promo of round trip tickets from Manila to Tagbilaran vv.

Towties x Cafe Seolhwa

My ELF friend and I are always looking forward for some Korean food trip adventures. After we found out that Cafe Seolhwa has opened its branch at Solenad 3, we were determined to pack our bags and tummies for that awesome food trippin’.