Towties x Cafe Seolhwa

My ELF friend and I are always looking forward for some Korean food trip adventures. After we found out that Cafe Seolhwa has opened its branch at Solenad 3, we were determined to pack our bags and tummies for that awesome food trippin’.

Page 7 of 365

Better late than never: here’s a Tini-caricature to express my gratitude to the people who remembered and celebrated my twen-TEEN-fourth birthday!

Impacts and Realizations

When I was being rushed to the hospital, there was only one thing on my mind: God. I thought “dyan tayo magaling eh. Pag kailangan lang, tsaka natin Siya naaalala. Pag mamamatay na, dun mo lang mare-realize kung gaano ka naging pasaway.” I prayed, “Lord, wag lang talaga ma-damage yung internal organs ko, magpapakatino na ‘ko.” O diba, praning to the highest level. I have to admit that I’ve been a very bad girl and I almost forgot, or rather ignored, Him this year, letting myself drift further away from Him.

Thank You… and Farewell

It seems like forever since I last let my feelings pour out through this blog. I am writing now to express my grief with regards to the passing away of three (or four) of what i consider my best friends, companions, and family members. A couple of months ago Putchi, the head of the Amazonas,…

The Wonderful World of Beni

June is my bebe Beni’s month! Eight years ago, on the 9th day of the said month, a Golden Retriever puppy added c o l o r s to my dull and monochromatic life. As soon as I saw him, my heart raced and instantly accepted him as my baby. Lukso ba ng dugo? Charing….

3… 2… 1 ♥

It’s been three years since I bid farewell to my life as a student. I’ve mentioned before that during those years, I am more interested and fully focused on the communication arts rather than development communication. To be honest, I have always imagined myself working at a TV station, or for Candy magazine. I was…

Fashion: The Comfy Fashionista

  Another not-so #ootd last April 30. I wore this on my informal interview. I initially wanted to wear a skirt but since the interview location is far from our building, I decided to wear jeans and comfortable flat shoes instead. The dress that I actually have is much shorter than what is shown in…

Fashion: The Career-girl

A career-woman girl (I think I’m too young to be called a “woman” charot. Nyahaha~) when the sun is up; A nocturnal frustrated mangaka; A couch potato, fangirl, movie buff, and sometimes a ‘traveler’ (not really a traveler but someone who’s gala ng  gala with Towties) every end of the week. That’s how I basically…

Fashion: winter without snow

One of the most probable ‘issues’ of Filipino fashionistas is the tropical weather of the Philippines. Because of the steaming hot weather, it’s impossible for us to wear fashionable items such as trench coats, leather-material clothes, etc., without looking totally ridiculous or being “tiis-ganda.“ BUT from steaming hot weather, the Philippines is currently experiencing the cold…

Meet Beni and the Amazonas

Man’s bestfriend. This is the common definition of dogs. But to me, dogs are not just a mere “bestfriend”… they are family. So what is this post all about? This post is dedicated to my beloved brothers, sisters, sons, and/or [?] daughters. I would like to give them the honor they deserve and to somehow…