Welcome to Casa Berganza!

Today, I bear good news!

Last January 13, we welcomed two new members of Casa Berganza: Nutella Tu and Jolina Maritess (yeees, seryoso hahaahah!) You might be wondering, what in the world is Casa Berganza?! Our extended family consists of five (now seven) dogs and one cat. Sadly though, we’ll have to give away Nutella Tu and Jolina Maritess when the time comes.

It’s been a while since I last wrote an appreciation post for our extended family; the last being about Beni and the Amazonas. We still had other dogs in-between these two packs, but I felt like Casa Berganza deserves a spot on my blog after aaaaaaall that we’ve been through: me fracturing my foot, Taal Volcano eruption, countless typhoons, parvo, and covid (2020 in short) to name a few.

So without further ado, let’s begin (Maven-sensei???!! HUHU~~~) allow me to introduce the members of Casa Berganza:

Berganza (aka Mother B, Berganch, Bergs, Bergski)

The matriarch. Well she’s not really the leader of the pack, but she’s the Berganza of Casa Berganza hahhhaa. Berganza came from Milo’s litter (the pack after the Amazonas). When she was younger she’s a bit aloof to everyone (the other dogs and her humans, including me). I can’t remember exactly how we got closer. Maybe I earned her “trust” by constantly hugging and petting her. ❤

I remember every time she gives birth, she would always call my attention and take me around the backyard. This time, she kept barking/crying outside my window while I was working from home, telling me that it’s about time (“Ghorl san ka na? Manganganak na ko!” — if only dogs could speak lol)

Snickers (aka Snuki-Snaku, Snuk-snick, Boy Menopause, Boy Regla)

The leader of the pack…shet. Snickers is always on the extreme side: he’s the most protective, possessive, and jealous. He’s the sweetest but sometimes he can be the most annoying as well haha. He is the happiest and always one of the first to greet me (it’s either him or Kookie) whenever I come home from work (pre-pandemic). At the same time he is also the grumpiest, earning him the title Boy Menopause/Boy Regla.

I got Snickers from my colleague a few weeks after I lost Beni so he also holds a special place in my heart. Wala lang syang masyadong picture na matino kasi sobrang likot nya.

Berganza’s first litter consists of five puppies: Princess Salty Puka (milk tea???!!! lol), Kookie Monster, Pea-nutella, Pepper Mint, and Luna-Luka (Lunlun). Since we already have more than enough dogs, we only got to keep two puppies.

Princess Salty Puka (aka Kangking, Puka, Pukangking, Pukakers, Princess Baby Girl)

My mom didn’t really want me to keep female puppies, but I insisted on keeping Puka to somehow keep Berganza’s “legacy”. HAHA. Also, for some strange reason, it was love at first sight for Puka. I knew right away that she would be special. Mother’s instinct???!!! Lol

Puka was very special to us as we took extra care for her when she got parvo. I remember the way she looked at me when we got the result from the vet. With those puppy eyes, it was like she was asking me if she’s going to die. HUHU. Thank God she survived. Imagine going back and forth to the vet for her shots in the middle of a pandemic. We truly risked our lives as well to save her. Super thank you talaga, Father God, for saving her life. ❤

Kookie Mookie (aka Kokeng, Kongking, Abugang, Boy Kinig)

Kookie experienced glow up the most. He used to be the “weakest” in the pack as he was always bullied by everyone. He used to look”malnourished” before but now, he’s the most macho and gwapo HAHA. He is the friendliest and kindest of all the Casa Berganza members. If you’re going out, he would always see you off and sometimes he would even wait for you at the gate. Isn’t he the sweetest? 🙂

Taking care of Puka and Kookie made my niece and I a little closer. I believe it was also a great experience for her to learn a little bit about being responsible and the importance of life in general.

Mango (aka Manggi, Manggiboom, Bumbim, Boomie, Boy Panghe, Bangis)

Boomie is the adopted member of Casa Berganza. He is a Japanese Spitz puppy that was given to my niece by her parents as a birthday present last year. He is also the only member of Casa Berganza that is allowed to stay inside the house, more specifically at my uncle’s room! Boomie also has a special “sidekick” with him: Bababim-bababoom, his favorite pillow (yes, it has a name) that no one is allowed to touch.

Despite being a troublemaker and the most makulit, he takes care of everyone that is sick. He sometimes acts as a nurse and a bodyguard.

Esme (aka Ninang)

Esme is an honorary and the only feline member of Casa Berganza. When the first gen litter were still puppies, she would always play with them so the younger members of Casa Berganza love her waaaay too much. When Boomie arrived, he instantly became her bestfriend (he loves to steal her food :|).

I still don’t have much pictures of Jolina Maritess and Nutella Tu, but will try to add them when I can. 🙂

*Update: here are some photos of Jolina Maritess and Tili!!!*

I may seem crazy for obsessing way too much on Casa Berganza a nd for treating them like human beings. But you know what, I appreciate them more than some humans. They offer genuine friendship, loyalty, love and appreciation without expecting anything in return. ❤

To Casa Berganza (as if you can read hihi), thank you and I love you!


UPDATE: Las.t July 19 and July 26, we welcomed Casa Kangking v.0 and Casa Berganza v3.0!!!

Since my niece and I are currently addicted to Genshin Impact, we named our puppies after GI characters/places. Casa Kangking: Magu, Kenkii, & Gouba. Casa Berganza v3.0: Inazuma, Liyue, Mondstadt, & Snezhnaya.

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