Finally, 2020 is over.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone and many (if not all) of us just can’t wait for this cursed year to be over. A lot of things happened even if we were just locked in our own homes.

Our family had our media noche at 11:30 PM. I must admit that we weren’t really in a celebratory spirit after everything that we’ve been through the past week. We managed to get by, had a little chit-chat over the meal and before we knew it the clock has already struck twelve.

I couldn’t help but feel so emotional as soon as I heard the first bang of the fireworks. For the first time, I didn’t consider them as ‘noise’ but instead they served as a breath of fresh air. A sign of ‘the’ end and at the same time, a sign of hope.

While my initial reaction to NYE was hope, fear and anxiety immediately sneaked in. Uncertainty is always in the picture and I can’t help but think: what if this is the last time we’re going to celebrate NYE as a complete family? I already feel thankful that none of us acquired covid, but that doesn’t mean that we’re safe from it forever or that we’re safe from other illnesses too, right? My emotions were high while watching the fireworks light up the sky and I could only pray that may 2021 be a year of healing not just for our family but for the whole world as well. For now, I can only give a sigh of relief that finally, 2020 is over.

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