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We reached Baguio around 8 or 9 PM. After dropping our things at our accommodation, we went to Hap Chan for dinner.

Soon after, it was time for the night market! We had one or two hours to roam around. Obviously, it’s not enough. Haha! On that short period of time, we only get to visit one small area of the night market. Tita tip: don’t forget to bring your eco bags!!!

We were super drained when we got back to our accommodation as the only decent rest we had for the entire day was that 1-2-hour period after the Marlboro Hills trek. Imagineeee!!! Kama-tose after shower.

Day 3. 29 September 2019 (Sunday).

We started the next day around 6 AM. After having breakfast at our accommodation, we checked out and went on with our Baguio tour. Our first stop: Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. I’ve been here 5 years ago and I had to say that it has changed a lot.



After the Lourdes Grotto, we went next to the Bell Church. I have fond childhood memories of this place as Baguio is the location of the first ever family trip that I could remember. I think I was six or seven years old when I went here with my family and I could still remember the dragon statues and the Chinese architecture of the temple. Maybe when the time comes that I’ll have my own family, I think of taking family trips more often and invest more on creating memories instead of giving my future children toys or gadgets. I want them to cherish memories of the places we have visited just like what I had experienced with the Bell Church.


Next, we dropped-by shortly at The Mansion. We just had some pictures taken then headed next at Mines View Park. While waiting for our van outside The Mansion, I saw a place where you can take pictures with a Saint Bernard. I’m a dog lover, but I just can’t seem to take a picture with him as he looks soooo tired and exploited. 😦

Anywaaaayssss, we alloted one hour at Mines View to buy pasalubongs (and plants for my home office!!! Hihih~).

We were all starving after roaming around so it’s finally time to eat. We had our lunch at Little John’s in Camp John Hay. I had to say that I had my favorite meal at this place during the entire Sagada-Baguio trip. Aside from my favorite baby back ribs, we also got to draw our own masterpieces while waiting for our order. Kinareer talaga namin!

Photo: Chelsea Dolores

After the overly-satisfying lunch, we headed next to our last stop: Burnham Park. I was really thankful because we took the “family” bicycle that can accommodate up to 6 persons. I can’t ride a bike ya knoowww haha!

(c) Mark Carunungan

I had to say this is the highlight of our Baguio trip. Our friendship, cycling skills, “leadership”, trust, and bullying skills were tested. HAHA!

We stayed at Burnham Park the longest. At 4 PM, we decided to finally head home.

The way out of Baguio was nerve-wracking that time. Since it was raining heavily, there was a heavy traffic as some of the major roads were blocked by landslides. There was also zero visibility along the way so we couldn’t really sleep until we have reached the plains. There were also news of accidents, and thank God we have a very skillful driver.

It was a jampacked weekend and I felt all my energy drained as soon as I got on my bed. Despite the exhaustion, there are definitely no regrets because of the wonderful discoveries I saw and experienced in the north. I’ll definitely do this again!


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