Camiguin 2019.5

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Day 3. 01 July 2019 (Monday).

While we do have a few places left on our itinerary, we ended up just spending half of our day at the breath-taking Mantigue Island. Since we are housed in Yumbing, we had to travel for about an hour to get to the island.

We left July’s Haven around 6 AM. Since we didn’t arrange a multicab this time, it took a while before we got to start our land trip (it took us about 10 minutes to get a tuktuk). There weren’t much passengers during that time, so we had to wait again before the multicab going to Benoni departed. It took us about 30-40 minutes to reach San Roque Port where the boats going to Mantigue Island are located.


After settling our fees, we finally embarked the boat and met our tour guide / photographer, Kuya Ome. The boat ride took about 20 minutes and I knew that I reached a  different dimension the moment my feet touched the powdery coral sand of the island. Since excited si koya mag piktyur-piktyur, we immediately posed for the camera as part of our welcoming rites in the island.


One of us didn’t really want to snorkel since she hasn’t tried it before. Good thing, we managed to convince her as we really want to make the most out of our Mantigue Island adventure. After all, we are only allowed to stay in the island for 4 hours. Yes, tourists are only allowed to stay in Mantigue Island for 4 hours. Additional charge of Php 50/hour apply if you wish to stay longer. I think this is their way of controlling the number of tourists and preserve the serenity of the place. After all, the island is also a marine sanctuary.


Being a marine sanctuary, there really is a lot of wonders under the sea! There were lots of fishes and a few giant clams, but we didn’t get to see pawikans. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring gopro so we don’t have any pictures of our snorkeling adventure. Looking on the positive side, we managed to focus on the majestic treasures and enjoy the moment instead of busily taking pictures. After all, that memory will always be engraved in our hearts.


After about 30 minutes of snorkeling, we finally had our packed brunch. The staff of July’s was kind enough to have our free breakfast packed for us since we always leave early. While eating, we had a heart-to-heart talk with Kuya Ome about his work, certain issues, family, and even his love life! HAHA!

Our conversation made me realize how tourism help people like Kuya Ome earn for a living. As a traveler (??!! ay wow, haha!), I always consider how to keep my expenses low and well-budgeted. But I thought, it’s not a bad idea to get local tour guides when you go to an unfamiliar place. Aside from getting to know the place better, you also get to help the locals in your own little way.


After a few more rounds of pictorial (hehe~) and soaking in the beach, we finally decided to pack up. Kuya Ome also helped us book the multicab in San Roque to take us back to Mambajao Terminal.

We were supposed to go to the Giant Clam Sanctuary also, but we were informed that it was already closed by the government. Soooo, our last activity for the day is to buy pasalubongs. Upon reaching Mambajao, we first went to Vjandep to buy their famous pastel, a soft bun with cream filling. While pastel is originally filled with custard, Vjandep’s pastel has evolved and now offers a variety of flavors! I was really excited to try new pastel flavors but unfortunately, only custard is available. Lesson learned: we should’ve placed our pre-order the day before for the special flavored pastel. Huhu!


Aside from pastel, we also bought other items such as crispy dried squid, peanuts, and cheese sticks.

After buying pasalubongs, we headed back to July’s to pack our things as today was our last day in Camiguin. We got back a bit earlier, so we had more time to chit-chat with Beshy. Haha!


Day 4. 02 July 2019 (Tuesday).

We were picked-up by the multicab that took us to Benoni Port past 4 AM; a few minutes late from our pick-up time… huhu. So, we missed the 4:30 ferry schedule. We were so close, yet so far. Since we had to wait until 7 AM for the next trip, we bought something to eat at the Port and took a few pictures of the sunrise. Being left behind has its perks!

We still managed to arrive an hour early for our 2PM flight. Honestly, I was too energy-drained during the whole trip. We arrived in Elbi around 6PM. Good thing, Snickers and Berganza (the lovable members of our family) welcomed me with paws wide open to give me another dose of energy.

Now that I think of it, we spent most of this vacation on the road and we were always on the run. But still, nothing beats Vitamin Sea! I’ll definitely come back to this paradise and on my next visit, I’ll make sure to stay for about one week to fully explore the island’s glory. Hehe~~


List of expenses:

Tuktuk (Yumbing to Mambajao Terminal) – Php 10.00

Multicab (Mambajao to Benoni) – Php 40.00

Boat (San Roque to Mantigue) – Php 150.00 (Php600/4pax)

Entance fee – Php 30.00

Tour guide – Php 500.00 (Php 2,000 for 4 pax – inclusive of snorkeling gear, tour, and tip)

Multicab (San Roque to Mambajao) – Php 125.00 (Php 500 rent)

Tuktuk (Mambajao to Yumbing) – Php 25.00

Total (third day) – Php 880.00

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