Camiguin 2019.4

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After the ruins, it’s now time to visit the blessings. We went next to Soda Swimming Pool. Intriguing, huh? While we didn’t get to taste the water (haha!), it is said that it used to taste like soda hence the resort name.


Before taking a dip into the pool, we already placed our order at the restaurant so we got to enjoy the crystal clear water that made us feel relaxed. Honestly, there’s really not much to do here so it can get pretty boring. We left immediately after we had our lunch.

As if soaking in the chilly water of Soda Swimming Pool wasn’t enough, we next challenged the freezing Tuasan Falls. It took me about 15 minutes to gather my courage (and chakra?? hahah!!!) to walk towards the falls. The water was ice cold freezing (!!!!!) so only Jobelle and I dared to take a dip.


I think we only stayed here for 10-15 minutes. We then went next to our final stop for the day: the Ardent Hot Spring. Finally, a hot spring!!! I was really looking forward to “drowning” myself to the therapeutic and rejuvenating waters of Ardent but to my dismay, the water is just warm and not really like the “steaming hot” spring found at home (in Calamba). Maybe we went there at the wrong time?

Though a bit disappointed, we still stayed at the place for about 20 minutes. We somehow managed to enjoy pa rin naman as we talked about different topics and we also listened to the words of wisdom of a random group of strangers. Hehe. It was a bit awkward as we were sharing the spring with a group of people we don’ even know and we can hear them talking. Their messages were on point naman and we can’t stop listening. I felt like that my dad would also be talking like that manong if he was alive.


After taking a shower, we decided to go back to our pension house. En route to July’s, we passed by the Camiguin landmark and had a quick photo op.


Despite the jampacked schedule, I had to say that I really enjoyed all the places that we visited. Growing up in Los Banos, I know the perks of living within a volcanic zone: lavish and abundant natural resources, and of course, hot springs. Spending most of our day soaked in cool water helped us get a good night’s sleep. #kamatose


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List of expenses:

White Island boat rental – Php 112.50 (Php 400/4 person)

Entrance fee (White Island) – Php 50.00

Multicab rental – Php 425 (per head. Php 1,700 for 8 hours)

Entrance fee (Walkway) – Php 10.00

Entrance fee (Ruins) – Php 15.00

Entrance fee (Soda Pool) – Php 50.00

Entrance fee (Tuasan Falls) – Php 50.00

Entrance fee (Ardent) – Php 50.00

Total (second day) – Php 762.50

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