Camiguin 2019.2

**Warning : photo-heavy post ahead!!!***

Read part 1 here.



Day 2. 30 June 2019 (Sunday).

Choosing July’s Haven is definitely one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as it is just a 5-minute walk away from Paras Beach where the boats going to White Island are located. There’s nothing but sand and ocean in White Island, so if you need life vests and snorkeling gear, you might want to get them here.




We headed to Paras Beach around 6 AM. Honestly, I was a bit worried since there was an earthquake that shook the island earlier that morning. It was a bit crazy and as if nothing happened so push pa rin ang White Island adventure!

The boat ride only took about 10 minutes. Before we even know it, we have already reached this paradise in Camiguin.





The first thing we did after setting foot on the island was… eat sea urchin!!! My tummy’s okay so I guess that daily dose of lactobacilli shirota strain is doing a pretty good job hohohoho~~





The island somehow reminded me of Virgin Island in Bohol. There were lots of visitors as expected, but not as much as the overwhelming number during our VI experience. The weather was a bit cloudy: upside? no need to worry about sunburn! Downside? Not much “island feels”.





What was I saying again? Please scrap that “not much island feels” comment .


Channeling my inner “Little” Mermaid (c) KSerdena
Look at this stuff isn’t it— ack!! (c) KSerdena
Peek-a-boo!!! (c) KSerdena


It was about 10:30 AM when it started to drizzle, indicating that it’s time for us to go. Baka kasi mabasa kami ng ulan haha. More tourists came as we prepared to leave, hence going to White Island first thing in the morning is highly recommended.



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More behind the scenes photos:


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