Camiguin 2019.1

Disclaimer: hours indicated on this post are estimates of the actual time traveled. Sobrang sabog na namin sa puyat at pagod so hindi na masyadong clear yung memory. Tanging memory lang nya ang malinaw. Char! HAHAHAHA~~~ 


The Island Born of Fire has always been one of my dream destinations ever since I saw that ’90s movie from my childhood. The pure white sandbar plus the eerily beautiful Sunken Cemetery from my memories (of the movie) made my heart flutter with excitement when my colleague booked our flight.


Day 0. 28 June 2019 (Friday).

I was ready with my beach (summer) OOTD but I had to change moments before I left the house because of the sudden downpour of rain. Huhu. Our flight is still 8 AM the following day but we decided to go to the airport Friday night so that we don’t need to rush and also to avoid getting late.


Mandatory selfie to document the first leg of our trip. Char! Haha (c) KSerdena


Day 1. 29 June 2019 (Saturday).

The flight from Manila to  Laguindingan Airport (Cagayan De Oro) took about 1.5 hours. Upon arrival, we looked for Magnum Express shuttle to take us to Agora Terminal, which is another 1.5 hours (approximately) drive away from the airport. We arrived at the terminal around 11:15 AM so we decided to take an early lunch in the market.


After lunch, we took the provincial bus from Agora to Balingoan Terminal. My mind tells me that it was the longest road trip I ever had even if it’s only 2.5 hours away, most probably because we didn’t get any decent sleep since the night before. Lagkit na ang kili-kili pero fight pa din! Wooh!! After paying for the ferry and some fees, we took a tuktuk (haha) from the terminal to the port. I highly suggest to just walk if you’re not carrying heavy luggage(s) since the port is just a few blocks away.

We arrived at Balingoan Port around 2:30 PM. Fortunately, we still managed to freshen up as the ferry departed an hour later. During the whole day trip, the 30-45-minute nap I had on cruise was my deepest and most decent sleep. The calming sound of waves and the refreshing breeze created the perfect lullaby. I was still half asleep when the playful dolphins brought me back to life. Those show-offs! Hihi~~



We arrived at Benoni Port in Camiguin around 4:15 PM. Since our accommodation is located in Mambajao, we rode a jeepney going to the town proper for another 20-30 minutes. Huhu land travel na naman, but I definitely enjoyed this trip as I was amazed at how “fit” the animals in Camiguin are!! (May abs!!! Char hahahha).  Kidding aside, the farm animals there are much leaner compared to the usual skinny animals found at home. Maybe something to do with the rich natural resources they have there?? When we arrived at Mambajao, we rode another tuktuk going to Yumbing (July’s Haven Seaside Pension.)


Literal na “kapit lang bes” hahahaha – feeling ko mahuhulog ako sa tuktuk (P.S. sawa na akong mahulog at masaktan)


I can still remember our first encounter with Beshy, the pension’s resident myna. Apparently, the bird was just called as “Myna” but we decided to call it Beshy kasi feeling close kami. Haha! I have some videos from my ig stories that you can watch here.

After a few minutes of chatting with Beshy, we were finally able to check-in and lie settle down. Define pagod as we traveled (by air, land, and even by sea) for almost the entire day. Well, at least the sun’s still up when we arrived. Asim kilig!!!

It was already about 8 PM when we felt the hunger (syempre, we were sleep- (and bath-??!! hahaha) deprived so it was already a bit late when we went out for dinner). We trolled around the area and the closest restaurant we found is Luna Ristorante, one of the island’s most famous restaurants.



Since Luna is famous for their brick-oven pizza and Italian cuisine, we ordered the Hungarian pizza. As a rule (syempre gawa-gawa ko lang yung rule), since pizza is best partnered with pasta, we ordered one pasta dish each. Di naman kami na-inform that one serving is already good for 2-3 persons. Haha #lungad

To complete our order, we had Spaghetti ala Carbonara, Penne Fume and Spaghetti al Ragu. I really really loved their Penne Fume (bacon, cream, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese in penne) despite being a white-sauce-pasta person. I just didn’t get the chance to take a picture. Sareeeh!! #priorities




The waiting time took about 15 minutes, but we didn’t really feel the time pass since Luna Ristorante gives off this homey and comfortable vibe. We chose to be seated at the gazeebo outside the actual resto, so the cool night breeze made us feel that we are finally on a vacation!!! Hello, Camiguin!!!!!



Read part 2 here.


List of expenses:

Bus (Elbi to Buendia) – Php 123.00

Grab (Buendia to NAIA Terminal 3) – Php 72.00 (per head)

Magnum Express (yung shuttle ha, hindi yung ice cream!) – Php 199.00

Bus (Agora to Balingoan) – Php 120.00

Entrance fee (terminal) – Php 3.00 (yes, three pesos)

Ferry (Balingoan to Benoni) – Php 205.00

Terminal fee – Php 5.00

Tricycle (Terminal to Port, Balingoan) – Php 8.00

Jeep (Benoni to Mambajao) – Php 26.00

Tuktuk (Mambajao to Yumbing) – Php 25.00 (per head, Php 100 one trip rental)

Accommodation (July’s) – Php 1,350.00 (per head)

Total (first day) – Php 2,136.00

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