SIARGAO 2018.3

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For our last night in Siargao, we decided to try something new (hey, we’ve been eating grilled food for most of our meals) so our tricycle driver took us to Kermit Siargao. I think Day 3 was my favorite day on the whole duration of our trip because aside from the fun-filled activities and amazing seascape we visited, we also got the chance to dine at the home of the best pizza on the island. MY PIZZAVOROUS BELLY WAS SCREAMIIIIINNGGGG!!




There were a lot of customers when we arrived and we had a waiting time of 50 minutes (more or less). Hmmm, makes you wonder about the good food huh. 

While waiting, we checked out their souvenir shop then placed our advance order. We were finally seated after about 20-30 minutes of waiting. It took about 10 minutes for the food to be served.




We ordered their best-seller: four cheese and parma ham pizza, which made me cringe in happiness. ❤




We also got to choose our own toppings for the other pizza: we chose bacon, pepperoni, and mozzarella.




Aside from the pizza, we also ordered pasta and salad. I had my priorities straight and was too busy devouring my piece of happiness so I wasn’t able to “document” the other food on our table. Mwahaha~

I was extremely satisfied with our dinner: the pizza’s rich flavor brought me to Cloud 9 (pun intended).

Speaking of Cloud 9…


Day 4. 01 August 2018 (Wednesday).

Our flight back to Manila is 3:30 PM so Tweets and Jan didn’t waste another minute to surf that morning. I initially planned to join them but I felt that I’m almost at my limit and won’t be able to report back in office the next day if I did, so we just took some pictures at Cloud 9 and watched them.


After an hour, we decided to have some breakfast bowl at Shaka Siargao. The place is strategically located to just a few minute-walk from Cloud 9 and in front of our accommodation.



Our only intention for grabbing a super bowl was not its amazing health benefits, but to take instagram-worthy shots of this photogenic super food instead. C’mon guys, it’s 2018 (huh?! Ene dew?!), millenial-ing? Char! 


Bom dia


There’s always this impression that healthy food is less satisying. Pag healthy food, hindi masarap. Genern. (Luh, baka ako lang to ah? Haha!) Anyhow, I somehow enjoyed my bom dia and coffee naman but wasn’t able to finish the whole bowl. I have taste buds of a seven year old, just so you know.




After breakfast, Jan and Tweets went back to surfing while the titas (haha) get ready for departure. We had our early lunch at Ocean 101 again. Ponggo was sleeping far away, so I was only able to pet Bonnie. </3


Everything was going smoothly and according to plan, until kuya van driver picked us up late. We were supposed to leave at 12:30 because we’re still planning to buy pasalubongs and souvenirs. Unfortunately, he picked us up past 1 PM. Our arrangement was a private van rental, but much to our dismay, he picked other passengers up. We can still make it on time for our flight naman, but Towts and I decided to just head straight to the airport so as not to cause further inconvenience to the others. 😐

Despite the Fast and Furious and nauseous driving of kuya, we were still able to leave the majestic paradise of Siargao with a smile.  ❤

I’ll definitely come back to explore more of the island, and of course, for Kermit’s pizza.


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