PATAteam Adventures : Art in Island 2017

Howdy! I’m still alive guys and it’s been forever since I last blogged. 2017 has been the craziest and busiest year that I barely managed to survive lol. There are only a few days left before the holidays and I’m already at my wits’ end.

We decided to have our year-end adventure at Art in Island, the biggest 3D interactive museum in Asia that not only allows you to look, but to also interact with the museum pieces!


Our day started at 6:30 AM. We took an HM bus going to Cubao and from the terminal, we walked a few meters and rode a jeepney going to Gateway. From Gateway, we took another jeepney and got off somewhere (HAHA! promdi issues sareeh~) and walked until we reached the museum. The travel is not so convenient for commuters, so I’m really glad that we have someone we can rely to when it comes to directions and roaming the concrete jungle of the Metro. Thanks, MABA! ❤

Photo by: Mitzi Asih

Located in Cubao, Quezon City, this two-storey art museum was founded in December 2014 by Yun Jae Kyoung with a team of 14 master Korean artists. Art in Island features about 200 paintings that were completed in 120 days by the artists.

While it is true that looking at the museum’s paintings and optical illusions is fascinating in its own way, sitting, jumping, and even rolling to become part of the masterpiece is even more exciting!

There are different zones in the museum that will definitely take you out of this world:

Note: not so sure which zone is which so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong~


Fantasy Zone

Photo by: Mitzi Asih



Aqua Zone





Religion Zone


When basketball is life, but football is lifer. Hihi~ Photo by: Mitzi Asih



Masterpiece Zone




Animal Zone



Photo by: Mitzi Asih


The Central Hall


Photo by: Mitzi Asih


We arrived at the museum around 10:30 AM, and it took us two hours to finish roaming just the first floor alone. I don’t know how the other bloggers/visitors managed to squeeze their time and finish their visit in two hours, seriously. Haha~

Our bellies were crying when we finally found Rolling Pan where you can eat snacks, sandwiches, and even rice meals, that will surely invigorate and energize your tired bodies for another round of adventure on the second floor. The food is a bit pricey (Php 250 – rice meal inclusive of drinks and sauce refills), but it was worth it.



We finished the entire tour around 2:30 PM. Before I end this blog entry, here are a few reminders if you’re also planning to visit Art in Island:

  • No shoes allowed inside the museum – I definitely understand why. As the paintings require a lot of interaction and out of this world poses, keeping the floor clean at all times is a must. Confession: with lots of walking before reaching Art in Island, I accidentally stepped on dog poop which I had to thoroughly clean before depositing my shoes on the counter. Just imagine if shoes were allowed inside diba.  
  • Use of camera flash is not allowed.
  • BE MINDFUL OF OTHERS and be patient to take your turn. 🙂
  • Be bold. Be wacky. Be crazy. Enjoy and really try to imagine that you’re part of the scene! The crazier, the better.
  • There are photo guides stuck on the floor that will guide you where to take the best angle at a certain distance. You may want to consider them, but it’s totally up to your creativity on how and where you will take the photos. ❤

Have fun!


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