Tini Travels: Pinto Art Museum 2017

“Pwede na kayong magtayo ng exhibit sa dami ng drawing na lakad ng barkada mo” — as this famous saying goes, I really thought Kars and I’s trip to Pinto Art Museum (PAM) would never push through. But as art enthusiasts and self-proclaimed painters (mwahaha), we were really eager to fit this trip to our busy schedules.

It took a 3-hour travel time from Elbi to Antipolo (via Cubao). Thanks to Nognog in the City’s blog, we were able to arrive at the Museum safe and sound. I guess my OJT at MOD Magazine also came in handy~ #foreverpromdi


Honestly speaking, I really don’t know much about PAM so I had to do a little research about the museum. From the word pinto, which means door in Filipino, PAM serves as the gateway for modern and contemporary art (source here). True enough, every door that we entered seem to take us to another wonderful and colorful universe.

The tedious Elbi-to-Antipolo trip made us starve so we decided to have our lunch at Cafe Rizal. All I have are positive comments about the food and service. The price is a bit costly, but I can assure you that it’s definitely worth it. Read more about our dining experience here.

One of the staff told us that it would take about three hours to roam around the whole museum, so after the heavenly indulgence at Cafe Rizal, we immediately set off with our journey.

My favorite part of the museum, the FOREST:

I’m at a loss of words to describe my whole experience at Pinto Art Museum. Just imagine if a picture paints a thousand words, sinong hindi malo-lost? Lol. Seriously. It was really really tiring, but just by looking at the wondrous masterpieces on every door opened is therapeutic in its own way.

I will definitely come back here, but on my next visit I hope that I could keep the place all to myself, char! As if. Just fewer visitors, if possible. It was a Saturday when we visited so obviously there were a lot of tourists who are possibly trying to relax (just like Kars and I). I really really wanted to take my time reading the descriptions and thinking of the messages that the artists wanted to convey but I cannot fully do this because there are lots of people who are waiting for me to go away for their picture-taking. Haha.

 Breathtaking. Fascinating. Wonderful. Philippines is truly a haven of talented artists.


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