Tini x Cafe Rizal

The best way to reward ourselves for surviving the energy-draining travel is, of course, the yummy cuisine from Pinto Art Museum‘s very own Cafe Rizal.

Cafe Rizal’s interior equally matches its cozy facade…


Being a total foodie, Kars and I decided to order the cafe’s best-sellers. For the pizza, kuya recommended the Vigan Pizza while the Mediterranean Pasta for their best-selling white-sauce pasta.


Dagupan Lumpiang Shanghai for appetizer
Vigan Pizza
Mediterranean Pasta
Strawberry Fizz

We were surprised when the food was delivered. It was more than enough for the two of us! I can remember the look on other customers’ faces. I’m not really sure if they were checking what we ordered for reference or if they’re wondering how hungry we were. Huehue~

The price is a bit costly, but it’s definitely worth it. Great food + quality service = happy bellies.

After pigging billing out, kuya told us that the museum curator and designer was there at the cafe. Of course, we need to have our pictures taken!

We haven’t roamed around the galleries yet so we didn’t know how to start the conversation. Our first meeting was definitely awkward (hehe). *** Fast forward to after entering the Forest*** I remember the first thing I said when I saw it. “Kars, fan na nya ‘ko.” We met Sir Tony again after we have finished touring the museum. Definitely, it wasn’t that awkward anymore. We had a little chat about the museum, arts, where to buy art materials, etc, before we finally head home.


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