Sandbox 2017

Last 7 January, which happened to be my birthday hihi, we were given the opportunity to witness one of our ex-officemate’s happiest moments in his life: his union with his ladylove (ayiiee~~ best wishes guyth!) in Pampanga.

We left Elbi at 4 AM and arrived in Pampanga around 8:30 AM. The trip was really fast that even if we had a stop over at NLEX, we still arrived early. We had nowhere else to go so we decided to just stay inside the church and witness another wedding before our officemate’s.

(c) Ana Genil

Shortly afterwards, EJ and Ate Lorie’s wedding ceremony began. We were really excited to see the cute couple as they tied the knot. EJ’s reaction as he wait for Ate Lorie at the altar is priceless. ❤

After the reception, we headed straight to Sandbox. Sandbox is an outdoor adventure park developed by Ayala Land Inc. It is located at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga which is approximately a 40-minute drive away from the reception. It offers a variety of buwis-buhay activities that will surely keep your heart pumping!

Individual activities & rates:

  • Giant Swing- Php 150
  • Aerial Walk- Php 250
  • Adventure Tower
    • Free Fall- Php 100
    • Rappel Wall- Php 100
    • Wall Cimbing- Php 100
  • Roller Coaster Zipline- Php 150
  • Outdoor archery
    •  Regular- Php 150
    • Aqtiv- 150
  • Entrance Fee- Php 100


  • Package A (Php 750)
    • Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Wall Climbing, Roller Coaster Zipline, Entrance Fee
  • Package B (Php 500)
    • Giant Swing, Rappel Wall, Wall Climbing, Roller Coaster Zipline, Entrance Fee
  • Package C (Php 450)
    • Giant Swing, Free Fall, Roller Coaster Zipline, Entrance Fee
  • Package D (Php 700)
    • Giant Swing, Roller Coaster Zipline, Archery, Entrance Fee

Since we don’t have much time (we still have a long way back to Laguna) to try everything, Jun, Ace and I decided to go for Package C while Kuya Tobs and Tita Ana went for Zipline and the Giant Swing.

Our first activity was the Giant Swing, the tallest swing in the Philippines. Since I’m an avid fan of EK’s Anchor’s Away, I was really excited to try one of Sandbox’s main attraction. I really enjoyed this activity but I didn’t get that scared like the others. Dahil ba wala na akong heart kaya hindi ako inatake sa puso? HUEHUE.

See our Giant Swing experience here~

We tried the Avatar One (Roller Coaster Zipline) that is connected to the 5-storey structure of Adventure Tower right away. While I’ve already tried a more risky zipline in Bohol last year, I was still enthusiastic with Avatar One since it offers a zigzag course that I haven’t tried before.


The last activity on our package is  Free Fall, which is probably the most buwis-buhay. And true enough, you’ve got to save the best for last (because most probably, you won’t have enough strength on your knees left afterwards lol).

To be honest, this was the only activity that made my heart pound like crazy. We took some time before finally deciding to push through with Free Fall. We were the only people lined up for this activity and there’s no one in front to demonstrate and give us a glimpse of what we’re trying to do so there’s a lot of pressure for the first jumper, which happened to be me. HAHA.

It’s a good thing that Kuya is very friendly and accommodating. We also had a short hugot battle that somehow helped to ease my anxiety.

Here’s an excerpt of some of our hugot lines:

Tini: Pagod na pagod na ‘kong ma-fall.

Jun: Hindi po ba pwedeng itulak?

Tini: E di hindi na free yun

Jun: Ah forced fall na

Kuya: Hindi pwede. Kailangan ingatan mo yung rope para ingatan ka rin nya

Tini: Hindi ako mabilis ma-fall eh

ktnxbye. Haha

Anyway, back to the story. It took me a while before I finally had the guts to take one big step away from the platform. I closed my eyes as I stepped out and before I knew it I have already landed. My landing was quite awkward because of my kneeling position (since my eyes are closed and I didn’t know if I have safely landed haha).

See my Free Fall experience here~


After surviving all our activities, we had a brief pictorial around the adventure park.

And of course, mandatory photo on the Sandbox landmark:

We headed next to SM Pampanga and Sky Ranch. We were originally planning to try some rides, but we have all run out of batteries (**on cue energy gap song (Milo)**) so we just decided to take our dinner for a straight travel home.

We arrived in Laguna around 9 PM. As expected, comatose until the following day. I am glad because a lot of people enjoyed 1717 (January 7, 2017) and made that day special.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. silverneurotic says:

    That park looks like so much fun, but also terrifying. I’m not sure I would have the guts to try a lot of those things.


    1. thefrustratedmangaka says:

      I was also worried at first but the staff is very accommodating and trustworthy. They make sure that the harness is attached properly and they’ll make you feel secure.

      *For people with health problems, I will not recommend this as some activities are quite extreme. 🙂


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