Tini vs 2017

Random thought: ang hirap mag-isip ng title ha! Whew~

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It’s been three years since I last had my “new year, new me” goals. While some of my yearly goals were kept hanging, it won’t hurt if I still create a list just to stay on track. So for the record, here’s my bucketlist, not just for 2017, but for the more years to come:

Lifestyle change. This will probably be the biggest challenge for myself. As I get another year older, I wanted to make sure that I’m aging beautifully and in order to achieve that, I know that I needed to focus more on my health and wellness.

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From fatness to fitness. I consider myself as a person with rock bottom self-esteem as I’ve always been conscious of my inperfections. There were points when I wanted to give-up everything that I started. I felt ugly and hopeless. I felt tired, but giving up was never an option. I know that I had to try harder and I realized that maybe if I shifted to a healthier lifestyle, things may change without that much struggle.

Choose healthy food. Being healthy is always a choice, that’s one of the realizations I had this year. Easier said than done, right? So wish me tons of luck.

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Sleep earlier. I am most active during late afternoons and having kdrama marathons before bedtime has become a very bad habit to break. As a result, my bedtime usually falls between 12 to 2 AM. It won’t be easy, but I’ll try my best to do this!!!

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Be active all throughout the year. I have an active lifestyle, believe me or not. I play soccer and badminton and I also exercise most of the time… Idk what happened that I suddenly started to drift away from my activities. Huhu.

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With these not so gentle reminders, #bodgoals I’m excited to meet you!

Control my expenses and learn how to budget. A few years ago, I justified my expenses by tellling convincing myself that I’m still young and it’s okay to enjoy the fruits of my hard work. Live life to the fullest ika nga. But as I enter a new chapter in my life, I now realized that play time is over and I need to prepare for my future. Starting early means more savings right?

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Make time for my art. I don’t really like expressing myself vocally that’s why my emotions usually pile up causing emotional and, sometimes, physical stress. And for me, one of the most effective way to de-stress is by tapping my artistic lobe. I wasn’t able to do much last year kaya ayun, super stressed.

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Try even harder to love myself.  The end. lol.


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