toodles x Sambokojin

After months of planning, Doodles and I were finally able to push through with our Sambokojin adventure. We originally scheduled our visit last November 30, a holiday, but we had to move our toodle date to December 6 due to some circumstances.

Since the malls in the Metro opens at 11 AM, we decided to leave eLBi at around 8 AM. Thankfully, we arrived just in time at SM Megamall’s opening.

We headed straight to Sambokojin at the SM Atrium.


We started first with sushi and makimono:


Then continued with the grill…



I couldn’t believe I struggled finishing the dessert.

We wanted to avoid the rush hour, so we decided to leave immediately after eating. After a few rounds of strolling, we decided to go to the second part of this trip: gelato.


Now that we are running out of time, we took the MRT going to Cubao to take the bus home. The struggle of climbing the stairs, after eating a buffet (plus gelato), is definitely real lol. But looking at the brighter side, we had enough strength to “battle” with the other passengers at the MRT. Laban mga mandirigma! Haha~

This toodle adventure was honestly energy-draining, but I definitely enjoyed the great food as well as the new and challenging experience.

So here’s a mandatory selfie ng mga mandirigma:



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