eLBi Diaries: Cornelia’s Bar & Restaurant

Hell month‘s officially over and one of the best ways to celebrate is good food + great music.

Last night, my food trip buddies and I went to Cornelia’s Bar & Restaurant. Ate Mitzi has been longing for some good music while dining for a long time, so we finally decided to see what this place has to offer.

The place. Cornelia’s Bar & Restaurant is also called ‘Cornelia’s Cafe‘ which is somehow confusing. The place’s interior is more bar-like, with a stage for live music and fridge full of alcoholic beverages, than cafe-like.

There weren’t a lot of people when we went there giving a cozy and cafe-like ambience, despite its bar-like interior. We were also given the chance to take pictures up-stage adding a good impression of not just the place, but also good customer service.

The food. I was surprised when I saw the menu. Since I thought it was a cafe,  I was expecting the menu to have more cakes, pastries, or pastas (and sige na nga pizza na din) plus coffee. While Cornelia’s also serve pastas and pizzas, the main attraction on their menu are rice-meals (Filipino food). And I just realized… pang pulutan.


Buffalo wings
Penne pasta
Mozarella sticks


Burger steak w/ mushroom
Pepperoni pizza


Surprisingly, I liked everything that we ordered. But what’s even more surprising is that except for the pizza. I’m not really picky about pizza, being pizza-vorous that I am. But as I mentioned before, the crust has a big impact with the overall taste of a pizza. Aside from the crust, I also cannot fathom its flavor. The sauce is a little sweet, the pepperoni doesn’t taste like pepperoni, and the cheese is too bland. I think Php 200+ pesos for this kind of pizza is a bit too much. Sorry Kuya Tobs~

Good thing, the singers arrived just before we finished our meal to cover up for the disappointment over the pizza.


Nevertheless, I really enjoyed our dining experience at Cornelia’s. I would definitely recommend it to my other friends. Hopefully on my next visit, I would be able to try the cocktails on their menu (and my issue regarding the pizza is resolved lol). 

Location: Lopez Avenue, 77 Modemar Building, Los Banos, Laguna

Price Range: Php 200-700~

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡ ♡ [3/5]

Behind the scenes:


To PATAteam, thank you for supporting me and this blog (for adjusting the lights and suppressing your rumbling stomachs in order for me take pictures). HAHA. Cheers!


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