The Mangaka Who?



Honestly speaking, I still can’t think of a topic that would best fit my first post on My Trending Stories. While thinking of possible topics, let me give you an idea first of who I am and what you can expect on my future posts.

I started blogging in 2011 using Tumblr and eventually migrated to blogger in 2012. Why did I even start writing? Maybe it was the pressure of being an AB Communication student or the boredom while waiting for the companies I applied for after graduation? I’m not really sure.

I didn’t really expect that I would enjoy blogging sooo much. I was a lazy writer, a heartless an unexpressive person, and I usually prefer visuals over words. In short, I never appreciated the beauty of words.

So what changed?

Being vacant for almost a year after graduation, a lot of things went on my mind and I suddenly felt relieved by expressing myself more through my blog. It’s also interesting to see that blogging helped me document my growth as a person through the wide range of topics that I previously wrote about: from fashion to drama reviews, food trip, travels, and even personal experiences.

I hope you can join me in my new adventure on My Trending Stories. ❤


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