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Our short escape has finally come to an end. I honestly don’t know what to feel when I woke up on the last day of our trip. I felt happy because I was able to visit new places and learned new things. Somehow I also felt regret because of the places we weren’t able to see. Sad because we are leaving. And nervous because of the pile of emails I’m expecting to read once I come back to the office the following day. HAHA.

Mixed emotions

Day 5. 15 February 2016 (Monday)

I woke up at around 5 or 6 in the morning for my morning ritual. After taking a bath, I decided to go back to sleep while the others are doing their own stuff. I think that was the longest sleep I had all throughout the adventure. I woke up (again) at 10 in the morning and got myself ready for our flight back to Manila.


Our departure time is 12:45 PM and we arrived more than an hour early. We decided to eat our lunch in the nearest carinderia and spent our remaining time browsing the internet. There was a group of blind singers at Tagbilaran Airport that amazed me. I enjoyed their performance so much that before I knew it, it’s already time for us to leave.



We arrived safely in Laguna at around 5PM. Of course, my “little” babies were excited to see me~


Until now, I feel like I still need a week or two to fully recuperate from that exhilarating trip. Even if I’m back to my old, routinary daily activities, I can still feel the thrill of that one week escape. And here I am, trying to go back to Bohol and Siquijor through this blog. Hope you enjoyed reading!!

Me. Right. Now.



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