REVIEW: Emergency Couple




Many people spend their holidays by traveling to different places but here I am stuck in my own realm ending my two-week KDrama marathon. While browsing my EHD, I finally get to see my copy of Emergency Couple. I was intrigued by the very first scene and I knew right away that I would love this drama. Aside from the groom and bride escaping from what seems like “bodyguards”, what caught my attention is the bride who’s none other than my favorite Running Girl… Mong Ji! Hihi~

Plot.  Emergency Couple shows us the H O R R O R S of marriage… joke, haha! It shows us that just love is not enough in order for marriage to work. That marriage comes with responsibility and both parties need to work hand-in-hand. That one must not focus on his/her own emotions, but rather try to consider his/her partner’s as well. That marriage comes at the right time and should not be rushed.

I have to admit that I find the concept of this drama impressive. Although the issue of divorce is common at this age, it is still nonconforming in the conservative culture of Korea. I was satisfied with the overall storyline, the chemistry of our OTPs, the presence of the supporting characters, and the characters’ growth.

I think one concept evident in this drama is feminism. It shows female independence through Jin Hee’s character development after her failed marriage and through Jin Hye’s character as a single mom; female dominance over their husband’s through Chang Min’s mom and as seen on the Young Ae—Sang Hyuk  relationship.

Cast and Characters.

Oh Jin Hee. I was completely astonished by the growth of this character. It was shown on the first episode that Oh Jin Hee’s character is somehow weak (after she married Chang Min), as she became dependent on her husband and developed inferiority complex probably due to the bullying of her monster-in-law (I think she probably lost self-respect during her marriage). She was also clumsy and can always stir up trouble in the emergency room, giving her the title of “Big Rock”. However, with enough self-confidence and determination, she managed to blossom into a dependable doctor and even managed to earn the respect of those people who used to belittle her in the past.



Honestly speaking, this is the first drama that I’ve seen wherein Song Ji Hyo plays the female lead. I have only seen her in Goong and in Running Man, so I didn’t really know what to expect. As if Running Man wasn’t enough, I was then again impressed by her skill in acting… especially the crying scenes. Double thumbs up for Mong Ji~~~~

Heartbreaking. Ji Hyo’s crying scene wasn’t that intense, but you can see so much pain. Ajujuju~~

Oh Chang Min. Smart, good-looking, and great family background. Yes, that’s Oh Chang Min. A typical prince charming, okay? Like Jin Hee, Oh Chang Min’s character also developed a lot in the story. It was shown in the first few episodes how immature he was. But after a series of events, he finally learned how to respect and understand his ex-wife, and finally act like a man! Note: I like how he gets jealous whenever Jin Hee shows her smile to Chief Gook. If you’ll notice, he only shows his cute side to Jin Hee as well~~~~


I first saw Choi Jin Hyuk in The Heirs. Chang Min’s character is somehow loud and expressive, unlike the character he portrays in The Heirs. I was surprised to see him talking non-stop, making cute facial expressions, and actually smiling. His overall charisma is perfect for the character of Oh Chang Min.



Gook Cheon Soo. Aside from the lead characters, I have to say that this character also did grow a lot. His relationship with Ji Hye didn’t work out because of his fear of marriage, since he came from a broken family. But after he fell for Jin Hee, he learned to find closure and heal the wounds his parents have caused.

I have the second male lead syndrome but I can’t seem to root for him. Okay, his kilig moments with Jin Hee is cute, but I really do want him to end up with Ji Hye.



Supporting Characters. From the ER staff to the family members of the leads, I think the supporting characters played their roles perfectly.

Shim Ji Hye. She’s mature, dependable, and I think she can be considered as the “mother” of the ER. I like how she managed to contain her feelings and actions towards Chief. I like the idea that their past didn’t stop them in becoming the best of friends. I’m just disappointed that she didn’t actually do what’s on her mind (the water slap to Cheon Soo). With her strong personality, she could’ve done that but it just stayed on her head. She should’ve expressed how she truly felt and her disappointment with Cheon Soo, right? Tsktsk.


Han Ah Reum and Im Yong Gyu. I like how the writers created the character of Han Ah Reum. Even if she’s the rich- Minister’s daughter, she’s not the spoiled brat who will use her connections just to get the man she’s eyeing for. For Yong Gyu’s character, I was somehow disappointed how easy it was for him to drop being a doctor just like that. I mean, it took him a lot of time and effort before he got his internship and it didn’t occur to him that he will definitely encounter medication errors like that? But then, his character shows us that there’s no age limit to realize what you really want to do with your life, and it’s never too late to take the first few steps in achieving it.


Lee Young-Ae and Park Sang Hyuk. Perhaps the junior OHOH Couple, which probably represents the main leads’ first few months of marriage. I find the characters not really necessary, but their presence added amusement in the plot. In some minor ways, I think they might’ve contributed to the main characters’ reflections on their failed relationship.


Oh Jin Hee’s family. I believe Jin Hee’s family gave the biggest support in this drama. From the mother to Jin Ae—Gwang Soo couple up to the adorable baby Gook. I think the return of the prodigal daughter turned back the Oh family’s house into a home. Even I, as a viewer, felt gloomy when it comes to the house-setting. But the moment Jin Ae stepped back into the picture, they gave that happy family feels, especially with the presence of Gook. Note: the name Kim Gwang Soo gives me the image of the giraffe. HAHA.


Yoon Sung Sook. Support, or maybe the femme fatale in the plot? Anyway, I have always seen Park Joon Geum play the infamous role of the lead male’s terror mother in various Korean dramas and she still gives me the same feels. I find Sung Sook annoying most of the time but for some unknown reasons, I can’t completely detest her maybe because of the comedic traces in her character. It’s just heartbreaking that her husband has to die before she can actually recognize and respect Jin Hee.


Overall Prodution. Setting—great. Mainly set on the hospital of course and… a bar (since our characters love to drink, especially Jin Hee). Cinematography—also great. I like the blending of colors. OST—perfect.

Before I end this post, here’s a shout out to Mong Ji’s Monday boyfriend, Kang Gary, who made a cameo appearance in one of the episodes~~~



Oh, and here’s another interesting pic, HAHAHA:


Final verdict: ♥♥♥♥ [4/5]


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