Thank You… and Farewell

It seems like forever since I last let my feelings pour out through this blog. I am writing now to express my grief with regards to the passing away of three (or four) of what i consider my best friends, companions, and family members.

A couple of months ago Putchi, the head of the Amazonas, died because of her ripe age… I forced myself not to cry because I felt that I’m too old to cry over the loss of a “pet”. Then a few weeks later, her “daughter” Grapes followed.

Then a few days ago, Grapes’ daughter Sammy, came home with half of her fragile body paralyzed. She cannot move the right side of her body so I had to feed her. It was really heartbreaking seeing her suffer like that, for the image that she and her pack left were those of glorious dogs roaming around our backyard and the streets of our village with pride.

What broke my heart is when I came home last Tuesday night. It would’ve been better of they did not let me see her. When I came home, Sammy was lying in front of our gate, looking like she’s waiting for someone and guarding our house… watching over us and protecting our home.

After the female amazonas’ death, I am not even sure if Beni ‘Jr.’ is still alive. He hasn’t come back home since last Monday. Now, the only surviving member of their lineage is Anonymous.

To be honest, their presence gave us our sense of security and peace of mind. I felt so safe even if I usually come home late because they were always waiting for me outside of our gate. I felt protected with them around. If I were a princess, they would act as the dragons protecting me in my castle.

They served us with love and loyalty for a very very long time and I was really planning to keep Putchi’s legacy together with mine. I have always imagined having my own family together with Putchi”s and Beni’s descendants: my future children will be playing with their puppies in our garden, Beni accompanying me when I finally walk down the aisle once i get married, you know things like that. They are always included in my plans.

It may seem so childish to give too much fuss over my canine friends, but all that I can do now is just thank God for giving me such wonderful companions while growing up.

So to my babies, thank you for being my lovely little dragons… and farewell.


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