3… 2… 1 ♥

It’s been three years since I bid farewell to my life as a student. I’ve mentioned before that during those years, I am more interested and fully focused on the communication arts rather than development communication.

To be honest, I have always imagined myself working at a TV station, or for Candy magazine. I was sooooooo close in achieving that dream when I was finally interviewed and asked for requirements by the biggest TV station in the Philippines. But maybe, God has other plans for me that I chose to turn it down for a company which I’ve already considered as my second home.

It’s been two wonderful years since the gates of IRRI opened for me. The Social Sciences Department sheltered and introduced me to a new environment that nourished my knowledge to the more-scientific-branch of communication.

After being exposed to research, I somehow managed to also love the alter route of communication.Well, communication is not just about arts, you see. It’s not just about the media, TV productions, films, radio, and journalism. You must know that Communication can be considered as both art and science. Its scientific-branch involves: development communication, community communication, and organizational communication.

SSD friends. (c) Shiela Escultura, Zeynna Balangue, Neale Paguirigan, RAMONCITO GIOVANNI Sarmiento

At the age of 23, I already want to establish my career path. That’s why when there was a job vacancy in another department, I was quick to grab the opportunity. I wasn’t really expecting that I will be chosen since both of my competitors are very experienced in the field of management. BUT my communication skills became very handy in the situation. This is actually the first time that this skill became my sword in the warzone called job application, charing haha.

It was somehow hard for me to transfer to another department because it felt like I was leaving another home. I never expected that I would shed job-related tears in that way. Although it’s difficult, I know that it’s for the better. I know that this new challenge would make me not just a better career-woman, but also a much better, more responsible, and more mature person.

SSD family. (c) Dehner de Leon & Neale Paguirigan

It’s almost been one week since my new family welcomed me. I didn’t have much difficulty in dealing with my new colleagues since I know most of them (from badminton and basketball). I’m still in the process of learning the work flow in my new office, and thank God my new boss and supervisors (slash basketball teammates, lol) are very approachable. From communication arts to development communication, I am now on the field of practicing organizational communication.

Three of them are my new colleagues. Can you guess who they are? Hihi

I know that career-wise, I can still be considered as a newly planted grain of rice that may not yet meet their expectations. But I know that in time, with enough nourishment from my colleagues and supervisor, I can finally be considered as a mature rice ready to be harvested.

Wish me luck.


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