Fashion: The Comfy Fashionista



Another not-so #ootd last April 30. I wore this on my informal interview. I initially wanted to wear a skirt but since the interview location is far from our building, I decided to wear jeans and comfortable flat shoes instead.


The dress that I actually have is much shorter than what is shown in the picture (it’s about 1-2 inches above the knee) so I usually wear leggings underneath when going to the office. But during casual occasions, I prefer using it with shorts (since it’s summer). ^^


My #ootd last Monday (5.5). It’s the first time I tried the black and violet combination and I loved it. Jeans + sneakers give me the best comfort and freedom in clothes.


Last Thursday (5.8)’s #ootd. I can’t fight this feeling any longer (♫♫). So even if it’s hot, I decided to wear my other denim blazer over my pink sleeveless top and black leggings. It’s cold in the office naman so keri lang.


Oooh, another one of my favorites. Can you believe I go to the office wearing this? Haha. No matter how much I want to, I can’t wear shorts in the office, urgh. That’s why I decided to wear leggings underneath. HAHAHA. No one can stop me from wearing my pink shorts, lol. I usually pair it with flats, but when I feel feminine, I pair it with wedge.

There may be times when I’m having tiis-ganda moments. But during those times, you can be sure that it’s all worth it. Dressing up can actually boost your self-esteem, and the feeling of being beautiful is irreplaceable.


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