Fashion: The Career-girl

A career-woman girl (I think I’m too young to be called a “woman” charot. Nyahaha~) when the sun is up;

A nocturnal frustrated mangaka;

A couch potato, fangirl, movie buff, and sometimes a ‘traveler’ (not really a traveler but someone who’s gala ng  gala with Towties) every end of the week.

That’s how I basically waste spend my precious time. This post, with 4 parts, is about how I usually look everyday. Let’s start first with my “career-girl fashion.”

What I’m going to wear first depends on my mood, then on the weather. There are times when I feel like being a girl wearing skirts and tiis-ganda heels, and there are times when I wear pants and super comfy flats.

The Chic Chick


This is my favorite when I dress up. I go gaga over pink and denim combination. Too bad I can’t have this look right now since it’s a gigantic sauna outside. It’s summer now in the Philippines. I don’t know why but wearing a dress makes me feel beautiful.  FYI, my masculinity is more dominant than my femininity. Lol~


When I use mini skirts, I usually wear them over black leggings. There’s this feeling that when I wear short skirts, my actions seem limited. I’m a very wacky person, and I usually make big gestures or movements so I don’t like suppressing myself. So the best solution would be leggings.


This was my not-so #ootd (kelangan may hashtag talaga? Haha baka mag-trend lol) last May 2. Why the “not-so”? I use my favorite backpack EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. So even if I’m wearing skirts or heels, I still use my backpack no matter how unfashionable it may seem lol.


My #ootd last Wednesday (5.7). I want to wear doll shoes for this but I chose to wear my pink shoes (similar to the picture) since it’s more comfortable.


Another not-so #ootd last Friday (5.9). The black dress was sponsored by my nanay slash older sister slash colleague, Ate Tina. Hihihi


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