REVIEW: My Love From Another Star

Lately, I’ve been having trouble keeping myself from insanity and I can only suspect one culprit: DO-MIN-JOON. Ayiiiiii~

I first heard about this drama from my thesismate in college who is also a drama-buff like me. She gave me three dramas to watch, one of which is My Love From Another Star.



Let me make this clear, I didn’t create this post to spazz about Do Min Joon or anything. I’ll try my best to at least keep my heart calm while typing. So please bear with it… Hihi.

Plot. My Love From Another Star offers us a very unique theme:  from space travel to alien-human romance. I find the space travel concept very interesting since it’s very different from the time travel concept as shown in various KDramas. MLFAS also portrays the theme of unrequited love [Hee Kyung’s love for Song Yi]; fame vs. family; success and downfall; as well as friendship and betrayal.



***SPOILER ALERT*** I have to admit that the ending left me hanging. It didn’t really give me the happy ending that I wanted, but it somehow satisfied me in the sense that they were never separated forever. I was honestly expecting hoping that Do Min Joon [DMJ] would become human. But then I realized that maybe it was better that way since it gives us the idea that love is still possible despite their differences.

The ending shows the book about the rabbit finding its way back home. We can be sure that even though DMJ appears and disappears from time to time, he will always manage to find his way back home… in Song Yi’s arms. ♥ ***END SPOILER***


Cast and Characters.

Do Min Joon. Let’s start first with the alien protagonist of the drama. Never did it occur in my wildest imagination that aliens could be so damn *please excuse the term*hot. His “hot” looks directly oppose his cold demeanor. But underneath that outer shell of composure and sophistication lie the bubbly and cute Do Min Joon. I had to say that he’s lucky in some aspects. His 400 years of existence gave him the opportunity to witness significant historical events, as well as master different kinds of fields: law, astronomy, medicine, etc.  The only thing that I didn’t personally like about his character is his carefree attitude [although what made him that way is quite reasonable and he also somehow changed after meeting Song Yi naman, so… sigh~]


I like how DMJ is somehow “immortally mortal” [you get what I mean right?]. We cannot say that he’s immortal even if he’s already been living for 400 years, since he had to return back to his planet or else he’ll die. But 400 years is 400 years, and 400 years of existence may seem immortality for some. That 400 years of staying on Earth made him think believe that he already knows an earthling’s way of life [how people deceive others; their non-acceptance of things that are different and hard to grasp; etc.] But after meeting Cheon Song Yi, he realized that there are still some things that he doesn’t fully understand.


I have to give Kim Soo-hyun double thumbs up for his performance. To be honest, he’s the reason why I decided to watch MLFAS. I’ve been his fan since I first saw him in Dream High, and I loved him even more in Moon Embracing the Sun. As expected, he made my heart tremble once again with his character Do Min Joon. His acting prowess, aside from his killer good looks, surely captivated me.

Seeing him cry also breaks my heart and makes me want to hug him. <//3


Cheon Song Yi. I really love this character. Despite her reputation of being an airhead, she’s still full of guts and overflowing with confidence. Her character may seem strong in front of the camera and her colleagues, but behind the flashing cameras and fake smile lies the soft and fragile Cheon Song Yi. She’s also very wacky and has a lot of crazy ways to relieve her stress.


Frankly, I was hesitant about their team up at first. Why? I’m not really a fan of May—December couples, and we are all aware of the age gap between Jun Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun. NEVER did I expect that I would love their chemistry so much. This was her comeback on the small screen, if I’m not mistaken, and I really have to say that Jun Ji-hyun is Jun Ji-hyun. I first saw her at Windstruck and loved her since then. For me, she’s the perfect actress to portray the character of Cheon Song Yi. While watching her, it seems so natural. I also never expected that she can do aegyo. OMG. I really enjoyed watching her.


Lee Hee Kyung. Does a guy like this really exist in real life? Tell me. I didn’t really understand why CSY never fell for this dude. I know that she already has her first love [which is DMJ, of course] but still… He can both be your prince charming and knight in shining armor. He’s rich, good-looking, supportive, and most of all he’s crazy about CSY. He even waited 15 years just for her. Oh well. I like the way Hee Kyung unselfishly loves Song Yi. He’s not the type of guy who would do negative things just to separate her from his rival.


Yoo Se Mi. Se Mi’s character is the perfect icon of betrayal in this drama. Although President Ahn betrayed CSY after abandoning her during crisis, I believe pretending to be someone’s friend is much worse. There’s this “you know you want to hate her, but you just can’t”—thing on her. You can’t blame her though. You can feel her struggle for having one-sided love for 15 years and for always being in the shadow of your “best friend.” Envy is one crazy bitch. ***SPOILER ALERT*** But then, I love how the two former “best friends” “reconciled.” Their reconciliation was not really direct, but you can see it at the latter parts. [Hey, it was Se Mi who recorded Song Yi’s wedding proposal, which is sooooo cute ♥] ***END SPOILER***


I like how she silently loved Hee Kyung. If it were other dramas, this character would’ve probably done everything just to steal the love of her life. If you’ll come to think of it, she has lots of advantage: she’s the best friend, she has money and fame, and her rival is actually not considered as rival since CSY’s not in-love with Hee Kyung. But then, she remained silent and kept her feelings to herself and still managed to support Hee Kyung. I have to say that she, together with Hee Kyung and Mr. Jang, provided the best support for this drama.


Mr. Jang. No man is an island. This is the perfect cliché to describe his relationship with DMJ. We are all aware of how much DMJ wanted to live his life in secrecy. However, he still engaged himself with Mr. Jang, his only friend. There’s no doubt that he played a big part in DMJ’s life. It was really heart-breaking when they bid their goodbyes. Ajooojooojoo.


Overall Production. It is evident since episode 1 that this drama was financially supported: from the luxurious clothes and lifestyles of the characters up to the special effects. [BTW, I was surprised to see Dara at the red carpet on the last episode. Hihi.] I have to commend the computer graphics, especially when DMJ stops the time. It seems so realistic. The use of flashbacks is also greatly appreciated in this drama. It helped me understand the whys and it also gives us a glimpse of DMJ’s journey through time.


Final verdict: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ [5/5]


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