Meet Beni and the Amazonas

Man’s bestfriend. This is the common definition of dogs. But to me, dogs are not just a mere “bestfriend”… they are family.

So what is this post all about? This post is dedicated to my beloved brothers, sisters, sons, and/or [?] daughters. I would like to give them the honor they deserve and to somehow give back the love they have showered me for many years.

Presenting the extended members of the Arellano family:

Benicio a.k.a. Beni

[Benchkiks, Boom-boom chik-chik, Bunchkiks]

I got Beni when I was in third year high school. My mom bought him from a friend, and I fell in love with him at once. He was super cute and playful. I consider him as one of my bestest friends, a brother, and a son. Since he is a Golden Retriever, he’s quite huge so sometimes he also acts as my huge ‘teddy bear’.



[Madamme Poochita Lokreta dela Vega, Pooch]

She is the leader of the Amazonas. My friend Butchi gave her to me when we were in second year high school, making her the oldest of all the members of our ‘extended family’. She’s also the head of the Amazona’s family, so she gains most of the respect and ‘power’ from the other dogs.

Whenever two of the other Amazonas would give birth, she would always rush out and steal the puppies from them. The other Amazonas can’t complain because of the power Putchi has over them.

She got her name from my friend Butchi.



[Just Grapes. Hihihi~]

Grapes is one of Putchi’s ‘daughters’ [what is the correct term for this?]. Grapes got her name from grapes-orchard-like collection of ticks and fleas when there was an outbreak [and probably the worst outbreak we’ve experienced so far].



[Just Sammy hahaha~]

Sammy is Grape’s daughter, and the third in the Amazona’s hierarchy. Out of the three, she’s the most bullied especially if she’s the only one who has her puppies. She got her name from a family friend who somehow looks ‘similar’ to her while sleeping. Haha.


Beni ‘Jr.’

Last but definitely not the least is Beni ‘Jr.,’ the youngest of the Amazonas. He’s actually a boy but he’s part of the Amazonas. He got his name from Beni since he looked so similar to him when he was a puppy. He’s very playful and mischievous and can also be naughty most of the time. Even if he’s super makulit most of time, he’s a really sweet dog.


These dogs have showered me with love for many years. They provided me the strength and comfort whenever the waves of life would break me down. It pierces my heart whenever I see them get hurt. They are also one of the reasons why I am who I am today.

To the special members of the family, I love you. So so much. And thank you. :3


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