Review: Ina Kapatid Anak

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As of now, this tops my list of my favorite Pinoy teleseryes. I’ve been having sleeping problems lately. And one of the most probable reasons is this. Seriously. Every time there is an intense episode, the scene would haunt me in my dreams (the “revelation” scene started it all: when it was finally revealed that Celyn (Kim Chiu) is the long lost daughter of the Marasigans.) Sa sobrang intense ng eksena, talagang parang nag-replay sya sa panaginip ko, at oo, G na G ako, especially pag nagma-maldita si Margaux (Maja Salvador).

I wasn’t able to watch the first few episodes of this teleserye because I don’t want to become hooked with it. But then, I wasn’t able to control myself and began watching it. So here’s the story: Julio (Ariel Rivera) and Beatrice (Janice de Belen) is a married couple, unable to have a child. Because of fertility issues, Beatrice’s half-sister Theresa (Cherry Pie Picache) became the surrogate mother of the couple’s child. Changing her mind, pregnant Theresa then runs away (to Cebu).

As time flies, now 17 year-old Celyn travels to Manila (despite her mother’s strong disapproval) to pursue her studies at the University of the Philippines. She then meets and befriends Margaux, a princess-like heiress to a famous shoe company (Memorata); along with her boyfriend Ethan (Enchong Dee) and their childhood friend Liam (Xian Lim). Margaux, who is living a life full of fear and insecurities, is the adopted child of Julio and Beatrice (although it turns out that Margaux is in fact Celyn’s twin sister).

Rivalry sparks when Margaux broke up with Ethan after a failed eloping attempt (because of Celyn and Liam), thus starting a tangled and complicated twist of lovers: Celyn-Ethan, Margaux-Liam. I forgot to mention, in the beginning of the story it was already indicated that Celyn has a crush on Ethan, and Liam on Margaux. Oh well, whatever. Haha. The rivalry became worse when it was finally revealed that Celyn is the real daughter of Beatrice and Julio.

Maja Salvador (L) as Margaux and Kim Chiu as Celyn (c) google images

Agawan sa karapatan” begins as Celyn and Margaux compete for their loved ones as well as their status in the family~

Although I find Ina Kapatid Anak a typical Pinoy teleserye (where the parents loses their child, “NAM concept” as I call it), the idea of surrogacy is quite something new. Yes, Celyn may be separated from her biological parents, but the family she’s with is also blood-related to her. Theresa’s still the one who carried and gave birth to her. The issue of surrogacy is still quite complicated.

As of Margaux’s character, I really like the way Maja portrays her. You can see that even if Margaux acts bitchy most of the time, you can still see her soft and fragile side. You can feel her struggle of wanting to belong in a family, as if she was joining an organization where you have to prove yourself worthy in order to belong. (Kahit ako no, inis na inis ako sa pagka close-minded and selfish ni Margaux. Napapanaginipan ko pa nga. Haynako.)

I also love the love teams [o diba, redundant.] Hihihihi. I love how the love stories of these two couples are tangled. If I’m the writer, I probably would’ve written it as it is. But as an audience, nakakainis panoorin. How long will it take for Liam to realize that he loves Celyn??!! ♥

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Celyn and Margaux being twins is actually predictable from the beginning. They have the same physique and they share the same mannerisms. Besides, the story is not the “bida vs. kontrabida” type, rather it is “bida vs. bida.” It’s a battle between two protagonists, so the other one should not end up miserable. I wonder how the truth will be unveiled.

I also assume there will be a kidnapping scene in the end [probably on the last second or third week of the series yun] led by Diego, who might be Teresa’s first-born [predictions… predictions. Lol.] Oh well. We all have to watch out for that.


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